Belize Company Conditions Requirements

1) Standard Authorized Capital and Actual Capital
The minimum registered capital of the company is $50,000, which is divided into $1 per share and 50,000 shares.
2) Shareholders/Directors
Only one director and one shareholder can be provided, which can be a legal person or a natural person, and there is no nationality restriction. The personal data of shareholders and directors shall not be disclosed. A company may issue registered or unregistered shares.

3) Company Name
Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Societe Anonyme or their abbreviations are suffixes for companies registered in Belize. At the same time, BV, GmbH, SARL can also be used.
4) Scope of Business

The business scope mentioned in the company's memorandum is very wide, covering almost all the business-oriented scope of customers.

Registration process

1) Signing Letter of Attorney
2) Signing agreements
3) Delivery of Deposit
4) Handle relevant formalities with government departments.
5) Complete the registration and pay the balance to collect information.

Registration time

Customers do not need to go overseas personally to handle all the application procedures. It usually takes 7 - 15 working days to complete the registration.
Delays may occur due to the delivery of documents and the return of specific issues, but generally this problem does not occur. The specific time can be clicked to consult an online consultant.

Advantage characteristics

Belize Company Advantages:
1) Loose company law.
2) Offshore company business and financial transactions are exempt from tax.
3) No foreign exchange control.
4) Political and economic stability.
5) Convenient communication and skilled professionals. 

Uses of Belize Business Company:
1) For the purpose of opening bank accounts, trusts, deposits, investment plans and other financial or commercial purposes.
2) Used to own shares of other companies or legal persons.
3) Used to own suites, houses, buildings and other movable or immovable property or articles.
4) Managers or sellers for international business transactions.
5) For chartering vessels, machinery and other articles.
6) Receiving profits, commissions and other debits.
7) Market and promotional activities of products and services.
8) Conduct other commercial and financial activities.

Company annual review

Annual review period January-July each year