Introduction to Seychelles

With the integration of the global economy, more and more investors begin to register offshore companies and distribute overseas business, among which Seychelles is one of the most popular places to register. Seychelles is an archipelagic country in the Indian Ocean. It consists of 115 islands and is a member of the Commonwealth. Seychelles is politically stable and its financial environment is suitable for business.

Seychelles advantage

1) Seychelles has a good business environment and political stability. It is one of the important offshore registries. At the same time, Seychelles provides a wide range of financial services, including offshore bank accounts, overseas investment and overseas insurance services.

2) Registered Seychelles can choose to issue bearer shares. After registered Seychelles can open bank accounts in Hong Kong. At the same time, Seychelles does not need company secretaries. Share transfer is easy and printing fees are exempted.

3) Seychelles has low tax rate, few kinds of taxes and very few tax control, which is conducive to offshore companies'tax planning. Seychelles does not have to submit its accounts every year. If it does not operate in Seychelles, it can be exempted from any tax of 6.

4) Registering Seychelles Company can improve the value of international brand and better realize overseas curve listing. Registered Seychelles is conducive to attracting foreign investment and expanding financing channels.

Conditions for registration of Seychelles Company

1) Corporate shareholders: The first condition for registering a Seychelles company is to have at least one shareholder over the age of 18, who may be a passport-holder from the Mainland or an overseas person, and who is an investor in an offshore company.

2) Statutory Secretary: According to the law, a company registered in Seychelles must have a statutory secretary. The statutory Secretary can be a natural person or a legal person, without nationality restrictions. In general, statutory secretaries may be provided by agencies registered on behalf of them.

3) Registration Address: Seychelles must have a registration address, if there is no registration address can be provided by the agent.

4) Directors of the company: The directors of Seychelles Company are elected by the shareholders of the company and belong to the managers of the company. The chairman of the board of directors is elected by the board of directors, which can be a natural person or a legal person.

5) Seychelles company name: Seychelles company name usually ends with Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, SocitAnonyme, Berhad or its abbreviations. There are too many restrictions on the names of Seychelles companies, which allow the names of Companies in both English and Chinese. The name of Seychelles Company is allowed to include international, group, holding, industrial, investment and other words.