Mauritius Company Conditions Requirements

1) Requirements for application: more than one company director and shareholder (natural or legal person without international restrictions), valid identity certificate (identity card or passport); a letter of introduction from a professional (accountant or lawyer); the company may apply for change of directors, shareholders and key cadres at any time;

2) Name selection: Company names are usually Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Public Limited Company, SocitAnonyme, SocitAnonymeResponsibility Limite, Sociedad Annima, Berhad, Proprietary, Namloze Vennootschap, Besloten Vennootschap, Aktiengelsselft or their abbreviations, such as Bank, Insurance, Trust, Trust, etc. A separate application for approval is required from the relevant authorities. To confirm the name, you can send it directly to or fax it to 86-021-64485351.

3) Registered Capital: The minimum registered capital is US$100,000. Registered capital does not need to be in place.

Registration process

1) Signing Letter of Attorney

2) Signing agreements

3) Delivery of Deposit

4) Processing relevant formalities in government departments

5) Complete registration, pay balance for 10-15 working days and collect information

Registration time

Customers do not need to go overseas personally to handle all the application procedures. It usually takes about 10-15 working days to complete the registration.

Delays may occur due to the delivery of documents and the return of specific issues, but generally this problem does not occur. The specific time can be clicked to consult an online consultant.

Advantage characteristics

1) No taxes need to be paid, and tax affairs should be planned reasonably and legally.

2) Shares can be bought and sold freely.

3) Buying and selling property under the name of the company;

4) Without foreign exchange control, it is easy to raise funds; there is no need to submit company accounts every year;

5) Where the political, economic and trade environment is very stable;

6) The international legal status is high and protected by the government.

7) The government protects the interests of the company and will not disclose the identity of the beneficiaries of the company.

8) The government provides privacy protection for enterprises, and the information of directors and shareholders is absolutely confidential.

9) Bank accounts can be opened all over the world.

10) All taxes such as company tax, income tax, profit tax and asset tax can be exempted.