Supervision of licence registration process

Customers provide the required documents for preliminary review and evaluation;

1. Register a Singapore company if the structure and management of the proposed company are confirmed.

2. Opening bank accounts;

3. Apply for a licence from MAS;

4. After receiving any comments from MAS, reply or modify the application until the final decision is made by MAS.


1. A notarized copy of a valid passport

2. Notarized copies of identity cards

3. Copies of proof of address (no more than 3 months'utility bill) in English or translated into English

4. Notarized copy without criminal record

5. A notarized copy of a bank transfer indicating that the authorized person has a private account and has good reputation.

6. Applicant's Date and Detailed Resume

7. Personality Recommendation Letters Published by Professionals

8. Higher Education Certificate

9. Application Form of Signature and Notarization