1. The issuance of licences depends on the specific circumstances.

2. The company should submit detailed white papers.

3. The company must have an operating platform.

4. The management process needs to be located in Gibraltar. Acting directors are involved in the company's business activities.

5. The company needs to open a bank account at a local bank.

6. Need face-to-face meetings/presentations with banks and GFSC

7. Applicants must have strong professional background, experience and sufficient knowledge.

8. Gibraltar has at least two employees. It should be noted that they must have sufficient experience and expertise to operate in Gibraltar.


1. Details of Beneficiary Owners - Secret Records

2. Details of shareholders - part of public records

3. Details of Directors - Part of Public Records

Supervision of licence registration process

1. Preparing application forms

2. Collection and review of documents in accordance with legislative requirements

3. Registered Companies

4. Application for bank account

5. License applications with regulatory bodies