Singapore Foundation

Registered Singapore Foundation

Singapore Foundation is registered in the form of public company guarantees. These companies belong to non-profit organizations. Each member assumes the responsibility of guaranteeing. Public welfare foundations can normally apply for opening bank accounts of local companies. Foreigners can be authorized to become bank account operators. Moreover, according to industry experience, public welfare foundations can normally do ICO and ICO platforms. Moreover, according to Singapore law, public welfare foundations do not have to pay taxes on overseas projects in Singapore Tax Bureau, and Singapore Tax Bureau does not levy taxes on local capital injection and investment.

Process of registering Singapore Fund Company

The process of registering Singapore Fund Company:

1. Fill in the registration form of Public Welfare Foundation (Ltd).

2. Fill in the name of Public Welfare Foundation (Ltd): XXXX Ltd.

There is a law in Singapore that the name of the Public Welfare Foundation (Ltd) must satisfy the uniqueness of the market, so it is better to give three names of the Public Welfare Foundation (Ltd). We will start to register from the first name, for example: XXX Foundation Ltd. If we do not meet the conditions, we will choose the second one, and so on, if all of them are listed. No, we would suggest that we re-select the name.

3. Fill in the Business of Public Welfare Foundation (Ltd)

Singapore law stipulates that each public welfare foundation (Ltd) can register up to two business operations, of course, one business is also allowed, because the Singapore government has stipulated a variety of business types, so you can provide the content of our business, we can help you choose a similar established business, and you are sure. We do not register until after recognition, or you can choose from the following common business and business supplements:

4. If the address is provided by our company, the registration address does not need to be filled in.

5. Fill in the details of directors/members:

Directors are defined as corporations. Singapore's law stipulates that each public welfare foundation should provide at least two legal persons, including local legal persons. We require applicants to provide at least two foreign legal persons. The specific information provided will be described below. Membership is defined as a registered member of a public welfare fund. Applicants need to provide at least two foreign members. Of course, the former two foreign legal persons can also become members. Because it is a non-profit organization, members need to guarantee a certain amount in the process of registration. It is suggested to guarantee a new currency at the beginning, and then increase according to needs. Finally, it is necessary to fill in the personal information of each legal person or member. Please fill in the passport number for the certificate number.

Documents Resulting from Registration of Public Welfare Foundation (Ltd)

1. Singapore Public Welfare Foundation (Ltd) Registration Paper

2. Constitution of Singapore Public Welfare Foundation (Ltd)

3. Registration Certificate of Singapore Public Welfare Foundation (Ltd)

4. Public Welfare Foundation (Ltd) Seal (will be sent from Singapore)