Saint Vincent

Application description

The fund manager shall apply to the Municipal Construction Bureau for a permit to operate the business in the following ways Administrators.

The Act provides that natural persons, any mutual fund, company, trust fund or trustee may apply.

License to operate the business of an administrator.

Applicants must produce evidence that they possess or possess the expertise and resources needed to carry out the proposed business.

Applicants must meet standards and appropriate requirements.

Fund managers operating all businesses must submit to the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines the attention of the Mutual Fund Registry. The law provides for the issuance of licences for domestic and overseas mutual funds. Funds licences are basically divided into two categories: private and recognized fund licences and public funds.

Our Services and Processes

The service we will provide and the progress of our work are summarized as follows:

Phase 1 - Information Collection

The main aspects of this stage are:

1. Due diligence and KYC verification.

2. Check the name of the company in the Financial Services Authority.