Institutional profile

The financial services authority (FSA) is the seychelles non-bank financial services regulatory authority established under the financial services regulatory act 2013. The FSA is responsible for the financial licensing of seychelles, the regulation of financial services, the development of non-bank financial services, and the registration of international business companies, foundations, limited partnerships and international trusts in seychelles.

The organization vision

To position and guide the seychelles jurisdiction as a comprehensive financial service center through a comprehensive regulatory mechanism.

Institutional mission

We will work together to create an environment conducive to the development and progress of the financial services industry, keep pace with international economic development strategies, and strictly abide by regional and international regulatory rules.

Application process

Application for a Securities dealer licence submitted to the regulator must include the following documents:

(1) a completed application form

(2) related application fees

(3) certified relevant legal documents, such as memorandum of understanding and articles of association, good reputation certificate

(4) audited financial reports of the last two years

(5) a personal questionnaire for each director, executive, individual shareholder and corporate beneficiary

(6) if the company controls the owner, it shall submit the latest audited financial report

(7) application form for a licence for authorized representative

(8) as required under section 80 (2) (a) of the securities act 2007 and section 1 of the securities (format and fees) regulation 2008

(9) handwritten declaration under section 53 of the professional circle act 2007

(10) copies of insurance policies applicable to the scale and nature of business