A brief introduction to vanuatu's financial licence (VFSC)

The republic of vanuatu is located in the western south Pacific Ocean and geographically belongs to Oceania. The main industries are agriculture, animal husbandry and tourism.

Vanuatu Financial Services Commission(VFSC), as the local Financial regulator of Vanuatu, is responsible for the supervision and supervision of investment and business activities in Vanuatu. The same responsibilities include company registration information, charity registration, trade union registration and so on. In addition, the VFSC has a mission to develop the country's financial services industry. In addition to improving the facilities of the country's financial center, the VFSC is also continuously improving its own level of supervision and regulations to ensure the credibility of vanuatu's financial services. Vanuatu, as the new favorite of foreign exchange broker license application, has the advantages of relatively cheap fees and short application time.

Vanuatu's financial license supports a variety of trading services, such as: remittance business, payment industry, foreign exchange trading, bulk commodities, securities trading, financial consulting, etc. Vanuatu's political and economic interests in China are actively protected and supported by the Chinese government.

Institutional nature: government agencies

VFSC website: https://www.vfsc.vu/

Organization history

The vanuatu financial services commission VFSC was established in 1993 under section 35 of the vanuatu financial services commission act 1993.

Supervisory functions

VFSC is responsible for supervising financial service providers such as investment business and credit business.

VFSC also provides the following services: company registration, charity management, credit union management, trade union management, and individual equity securities management.

VFSC is committed to promoting the development of vanuatu's financial services industry, promoting the infrastructure of the financial center, and unswervingly maintaining the reputation and unity of the VFSC financial center.

Regulatory objectives/scope

Maintain VFSC's position as a financial center with high global regulatory standards by:

1. Reduce the risk of economic loss caused by fraud, illegality, dishonesty and imperfect system of financial service providers for investors;

2. Maintain and enhance vanuatu's reputation in the field of finance and commerce

3. Protect vanuatu's best economic interests

4. Resist financial crimes in vanuatu and elsewhere

To further support the objectives of the VSFC, follow the following specific measures:

1. Ensure compliance with each clause by the regulated authority

2. Ensure that regulated bodies operate within acceptable standards of good regulatory practices

3. Compliance with international standards: protection of investment enterprises, trusts, anti-money laundering activities and protection against terrorist financing activities

4. Crack down on those who abuse and violate regulations

5. To ensure the efficient operation of the VFSC, which is responsible to the ministry of finance and the ministry of economy.

License plate edge

Vanuatu has an open economy, no income tax, no restrictions on the flow of capital in and out of the country, and no foreign exchange controls. The cost of setting up a company and maintaining it in the future is relatively low, and the companies of overseas businessmen are protected by local laws. Applying for a vanuatu finance licence has the following advantages:

2 to 3 months after the successful application; Submit vanuatu financial license application, the company registration information and documents are highly confidential, the funds and assets can be effectively protected. The cost of setting up a company and applying for a license is low, the tax policy can be reasonably used and the company can be managed simply. In addition, after the establishment of the vanuatu enterprise, it will be convenient for investment and financing in the future, which is the first step for the overseas listing of the enterprise. Conducive to the development of transnational business, enhance corporate image, enhance political status.

Documents required for application for a licence

1. Notarized copy of shareholder's passport

2. Notarized utility bill of the shareholder within two months

3. Notarization certificate of no criminal record of the shareholder

4. Business plan of the company in 3-5 years

5. Other relevant materials

Vanuatu VFSC licence application service

Party a will provide the following services to the customer:

- provide consulting services for the whole project.

- assist customers to prepare required documents.

- liaise with local vanuatu regulators.

- register a new company for client a with a registered agent and address in vanuatu.

- provide a business plan for client a to apply for a financial license.

- prepare compliance manual and related procedures for financial license application.

- help client a apply for financial license.

- maintain and guarantee the validity of the company and its registered address within 12 months from the establishment of the company.