supervision system

1. Special and complete legislation - Malta's special legislation on block chains and related businesses; the bill has passed EU resolutions and has been formally implemented.

2. A Sound Regulatory Framework - Malta's newly established government department to fully regulate the content under the new Act

3. Preferential tax policies - in most cases corporate tax can be as low as 5%.

4. Extremely high work efficiency - based on geographic and historical reasons, professional service is an important local industry. Efficiency is a local habit

5. Complex market structure - Malta's stable market, vigorous economic development, won the highest appraisal of many well-known international credit institutions.

6. Convenient Language Exchange - English is the official language and the only EU, Schengen, Eurozone and Commonwealth member states in one.

brief introduction

Malta in the Mediterranean, as a well-known European and global financial centre, promulgated three bills in mid-2018: VFAA, MDIAA and ITASA, marking the establishment of the world's first comprehensive regulatory system covering encrypted currencies and block chain technology; aimed at protecting investors and maximizing market stability.

Malta's exploitation and development of block chain technology and DLT in its economic and infrastructure fields has become the focus of world attention. The Maltese government allows ICO, encrypted currency exchange, open encrypted currency investment base and other activities under the supervision of Malta's MFSA. The Maltese government also welcomes regional chain practitioners from all over the world and talents with professional knowledge reserve to work with Malta to promote the development of block chain technology on a global scale.


1. Virtual tokens - unregulated

Usage, value and application are limited to some related DLT platforms and the digital media in which the network exchanges goods or services.

2. Financial instruments - regulated by MFSA according to MiFID and ISA

Including transfer securities, money market instruments, financial derivatives, collective investment plan products and other financial instruments or tokens of the same nature

3. Electronic Money - Under the supervision of MFSA according to FIA

General equivalents in digital form that can be used as an ordinary payment medium

4. Virtual Financing Assets - Regulated by MFSA according to VFAA

Any form of digital media other than the above three categories (most tokens are of this type) can be traded on the VFA exchange in Malta.