Good company reputation

Singapore is politically and economically stable and is ranked as one of the freest markets in the world every year. The Singapore government has a strict registration and approval system for registered companies, as well as a corresponding strict system for company maintenance, which ensures that Singapore companies enjoy a good corporate reputation.

Tax havens in Asia

Singapore's corporate tax rate and personal tax rate are very low, and further enjoy the relevant tax exemption preferences. Under the strict supervision system, and maintain a long-term stable low tax rate, making Singapore companies enjoy a good reputation, while becoming a tax-free paradise.

Realization of Asset Transfer

Singapore has a loose foreign exchange management system, a large number of foreign banks, and a long-term stable low tax rate, making it the best place to transfer personal assets. Singapore does not levy inheritance tax.

Possibility of immigration to Singapore

After registering a Singapore company and meeting the corresponding conditions, you can immigrate to Singapore.

If Singapore has real business operation and tax payment, entrepreneurs can also get the opportunity of family migration to Singapore, and then get the successful immigration of green cards, so as to realize the value-added of enterprises, individuals and families.

Strict Customer Confidentiality Law

Singapore has continuously strengthened its banking secrecy laws to a greater degree than Swiss laws of the same kind. Singapore refuses to exchange customer information with OECD members and the European Union (EU).

Trade and Logistics Center

Singapore's superior geographical position makes it a world-class shipping and shipping hub. Singapore is one of the largest transit trading ports in the world. Its unique geographical environment and free trade port policy make Singapore closely related to countries and regions around the world.

Some economic and political factors can be avoided by re-exporting products through Singapore to Europe, America, Asia, Taiwan and other countries and regions. With the help of developed land, sea and air transport channels, Singaporean companies can radiate their commercial advantages to Southeast Asia and even the world.

Free Trade Agreement Network

Singapore currently has the largest free trade agreement network in Asia, which facilitates enterprises to enter the international market effectively and easily. Major economies that have signed agreements with Singapore include the United States, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, the European Union, Jordan, Chile, South Korea, India and Panama.

The Possibility of Listing Financing

Singapore is the country with the largest number of Listed Companies in China except China. By the end of 2009, more than 40% of foreign companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange were Chinese companies.

By listing on the Singapore Stock Exchange, Singaporean mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises, or the establishment of joint ventures, cooperatives or wholly foreign-funded enterprises in China, or the establishment of representative offices, the internationalization and value-added of assets internationalization enterprises can also be realized.

Chinese companies can raise funds from international capital markets, enjoy international visibility and benefit from a comprehensive and transparent regulatory framework.