Brief Introduction to Georgia

Georgia is situated on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus in southwestern Asia, bordering Russia in the north and Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijani in the south. Georgia, a former Soviet Union-affiliated republic, formally became independent on April 9, 1991. On August 24, 1995, it adopted a new constitution, named as "Georgia", which was once one of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and formally withdrew from the Commonwealth of Independent States on August 18, 2009. The capital Tbilisi.

The investment environment in Georgia

1. No foreign exchange control

Georgia's foreign exchange policy is one of deregulation. That is to say, it can be exchanged at any foreign exchange point in Georgia without any formalities or fees. Foreign exchange rates are pegged to the us dollar and are freely floating, subject to market adjustment.

2. Limited exports

Georgia has no effective export capacity, and its foreign trade has hovered around $1 billion for years. The strong domestic currency and the high value of the currency resulted in the increase of imports, which greatly inhibited the development of the national industrial and agricultural economy. For Georgia, a weaker currency would also do little to boost exports, given the limited resources available for export.

3. Better investment environment

Ifc, a member of the world bank group, has so far invested more than us $600 million in Georgia, where it interviewed more than 1,000 domestic and foreign investors.

Business scope

Commodity trade foreign exchange retail jurisdiction includes financial category

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Georgia application process

1. It is required to register and establish a company in Georgia. There is no need for the deposit. It takes two weeks to register a company.

2: application for a licence

It usually takes two weeks to four weeks to prepare the application materials and business plan for the establishment of the company. The following documents should be provided to each director and legal person

2.1 certified copy of passport

2.2 utility bills for the past three months

2.3 resume

2.4 certified academic certificates,

2.5 two recommendation letters

2.6 bank recommendation letter

When the application is submitted and the fee is paid, it takes about 2-3 months to apply for the license as a whole

3. Bank account:

4: company registration

4.2 a compliance staff is required

4.3 licence representative fee - assignment

4.4 work permit for two-year licence representative: since groneggia is an offshore regulator, at least two persons are required as described above

4.5 commercial insurance,

4.6 legal counsel

4.7 annual financial statements and audit - cost in terms of water flow, no charge for Posting if there is no business

4.8 license fee government fee